Appel à communications – « Dialogues in the Late Medieval Mediterranean Methodological encounters and (dis)encounters », Madrid

The COST Action “Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean (1350-1750)” [CA 18129] is launching the first call for a training school entitled “ISLAMIC HERITAGE IN EUROPE”. The event that we are disseminating is being organised within the this project, which as the purpose to provide a transnational and interdisciplinary approach capable of overcoming the segmentation that currently characterizes the study of relations between Christianity and Islam in late medieval and early modern Europe and the Mediterranean. We aim to create a network that will help to provide a comprehensive understanding of past relations between Christianity and Islam in the European context through the addressing of three main research problems: otherness, migration and borders. To know more about the project, please visit our website

The aim of this workshop is to launch a methodological exchange forum to analyze the panorama of the late medieval Mediterranean from different and complementary perspectives. During the last years, an increased number of projects focused on the relations between East and West, Christianity and Islam or North Africa and Al-Andalus had emerged in the international scenario. In the framework of these current research projects, this workshop has been proposed to achieve two main objectives: to create a dialogue space to share the recent research results of these projects, as well as to establish new research networks integrated by senior and young researchers which allow the development of multidisciplinary research lines about the late Middle Ages.

Dates and place

  • Dates: 27 January 2020.
  • Place: Casa Árabe, Madrid (Spain)

Scientific coordinators


Deadline for applications: 22nd October 2019

For more information please see the attached PDF or visit this link.

Applicants are kindly requested to send their applications to


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